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To bring together a community of patients, researchers, and industry professionals from a broad array of disciplines to work on all things health data.




To enable us to understand and create value for all perspectives of health data all stakeholders are welcome to participate and contribute to the network: persons with lived experience of health challenges, their families and friends, health professionals, researchers, policymakers, and others.


Inclusively international

Access to health data is vastly different across the world. We want to amplify the voices of individuals and organisations from traditionally excluded regions to develop informed healthcare solutions that work for all.

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Promoting learning

We envision this as a learning network for exchanging best practices and knowledge relating to health data. We have seen a great need for further education of both patients, clinicians, researchers, and the general public regarding online record access and other health data use. Our goal is to encourage further interdisciplinary education in this field.



Understanding the effects of patient access to clinical records, and addressing improvements to this practice innovation, requires a multidisciplinary approach. Our goal is to bring together researchers from medical schools, social sciences, informatics, and humanities, to explore the implications of patient online record access. 

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